Easter basket: the deadline is calling

Hi there!

I am working on 2 Easter baskets so my boys can search in style for their chocolate eggs and I don't have to worry about sticky chocolate fingers.

The Easter basket is not just a regularly basket, but it is shaped as a chicken. Really nice and original! I found the pattern on a Facebook group. Unfortunately, they aren't finished yet, so the deadline is really tight at this stage. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly now!

I have chosen some really nice fabric that makes me think of spring/ picnic/ Easter time. The fabric is not something that I would choose normally, but it works for this project. What do you think of it? 

The green and turquoise fabric is Terlenka, a fabric which is 100% polyester. Terlenka feels more firm than just cotton, so I believe it is perfect for the baskets. I will also stiffened it with interfacing. Just to give it that extra reinforcement.

After Easter I will post a picture of these chicken Easter baskets, until then...
Happy Easter and enjoy the extra family time!


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