You say po-tay-toe, I say po-tah-toe

Hi there

Does the title rings a bell? It is from a really old song " Let's call the whole thing off". I read that Fred Astaire performed a dance on this song. It just means that people can see the same thing in different ways.

That brings me to the reason why I called this blog "you say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-toe". In my first blog I told you that one of my reasons to start this blog was the different allergies of my son. And the first allergy we discovered with him was a potato allergy.

We were completely lost at the beginning, because what must we, daily potato eaters, eat now? It was a real journey, but at a certain point we didn't miss our potatoes anymore. Indeed, we didn't miss it anymore, because we found certainly 5 replacements for it!

One of them was the sweet potato. Though, it is also called potato the structure is different from a regular potato. A sweet potato, or sometimes called yam in North America, is family of the flowering morning vines.

And it just taste so delicious when you fry it! We usually serve it with a spicy sauce and this goes surprisingly well with the sweetness of a sweet potato. Meanwhile we have already prepared it on several dinners and a lot of friends are fan now from fried sweet potatoes.

My son can eat potatoes again, but we still use the replacements we discovered then. With the sweet potato on top!

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PS: Do you want to know more about sweet potatoes? Hereby the link to Wikipedia.


Adorable Easter chickens

EASTER is coming!

I have already decorated the Easter tree together with the children. It was a lovely activity for a rainy afternoon. But when it was finished I wanted something extra for being in the Easter atmosphere… something sewed… And where do you search then? On Pinterest of course!

I have gathered several fun ideas for Easter, but this project I just had to sew already. It is so easy and quick to do. The tutorial is also very clear with some nice pictures with it.

So hereby I present you my “Easter chickens” pattern weights. Aren't they adorable? I would put them on my closet as they are so cute.

The fabric is from Soft Cactus and I have bought it in “De stoffenstraat”. The beak and the comb is made out of felt. The filling consist of fiber fill and rice to give it some weight.

The following project on my list is an Easter basket for the kids. So Easter still will be on my to-do list for the next weeks!

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PS: Are you curious about the ideas that I found on Pinterest? Please feel free to have a look at my Pinterest profile.


Let's start this blog

Hi reader

Welcome to my blog, there are so many things that I would like to tell you. Though, I believe there is only one thing you should know at the beginning. Why did I start this blog?

The answer is: my youngest son. He was 6 months old when we discovered that he had several food allergies (egg, peanut and potatoe). It changed our life and that from the people around us. 

The dietitian we visited had never heard of a potatoe allergy and gave only info which we already had found on Internet. She was a great help for learning to read the labels of products, but the first time we visited a shop we had no clue what was allowed. It doubled, no tripled, the shopping time!

And that, my dear readers, is the main reason why I am starting this blog. I want to share my experiences with you, inform you about products and possible food. My husband and I first thought that a food allergy blocks you in your daily life, but that is not true. We learned so many new products, which are healthy and yummie.

And now you also know why this blog is called "Tania stays positive". Yes, this food allergy was sad news and yes, I prefer a child who can eats everything. But on the other hand, thanks to this we tasted products which we otherwise would not buy. Isn't that a positive thought? 

So stay connected and follow me in my world. You will not only read about food allergies, but also about sewing, belly dancing and ...

Read ya the next time!