You say po-tay-toe, I say po-tah-toe

Hi there

Does the title rings a bell? It is from a really old song " Let's call the whole thing off". I read that Fred Astaire performed a dance on this song. It just means that people can see the same thing in different ways.

That brings me to the reason why I called this blog "you say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-toe". In my first blog I told you that one of my reasons to start this blog was the different allergies of my son. And the first allergy we discovered with him was a potato allergy.

We were completely lost at the beginning, because what must we, daily potato eaters, eat now? It was a real journey, but at a certain point we didn't miss our potatoes anymore. Indeed, we didn't miss it anymore, because we found certainly 5 replacements for it!

One of them was the sweet potato. Though, it is also called potato the structure is different from a regular potato. A sweet potato, or sometimes called yam in North America, is family of the flowering morning vines.

And it just taste so delicious when you fry it! We usually serve it with a spicy sauce and this goes surprisingly well with the sweetness of a sweet potato. Meanwhile we have already prepared it on several dinners and a lot of friends are fan now from fried sweet potatoes.

My son can eat potatoes again, but we still use the replacements we discovered then. With the sweet potato on top!

Read ya the next time!

PS: Do you want to know more about sweet potatoes? Hereby the link to Wikipedia.

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