Patterns Give Away

The traveling pattern pyramid has arrived in Belgium thanks to this lady.
For those who doesn’t know what it is it is started by Karen from didyoumakethat. She has sent a few boxes around the world with patterns in it. Then the people who received it choses 1 pattern out and send it back into the world so at the end a lot of people received a pattern. Somme people take more but they also add patterns so the total outcome is still 1.
So far this box has been to many places. It started in London UK then this box went to Melbourne Australia, Philadelphia USA, Seatle USA, Wellington New Zealand, Edinburgh Schotland, Montreal Canada, Boston USA, Seatle USA, Berkeley USA, San Antonio USA, Leicester UK, Reading UK, London UK, Isle of Wight UK, Essex UK, Wirral UK, Frankfurt Germany and then finally to me here in Belgium
So If you want to win this patterns just send a mail to taniastayspositive@gmail.com or reply to this post or on Facebook.
I also want to take the opportunity to say that I will no longer publish something on my blog. My mother is very ill and the doctors are not hopeful about her chances. The coming days, weeks or (hopefully) months,  I will spend a lot of time in the hospital. As I have also 2 kids and a husband to take care off, you will understand that sewing and writing posts for my blog will be the last thing on my mind. Maybe I will start again when the sun shines again for me, but until then... Thank you all for the  nice replies to my previous posts!