Don't feed me please

Dear readers

As I told you in the beginning I have a son who is allergic to eggs and life threatening allergic to peanuts. It never worried me walking through a shop or walking where a people are eating.

Until a few weeks ago. A little girl offered a M&M to my son. I thought my heart just stopped at that point. Fortunately I was just in time to stop him from eating it, but since then I was looking for a solution to come outside with him on a bit safer way.

It can happen in a second that he sees something he wants to eat it and he is only 20 months, he just doesn't realize that it is dangerous for him.

But now we have found a way to inform people about his allergy: A button with a notification of his allergies: "Don't feed me - Peanut/egg allergy"

I hope this will help informing people about his allergy and that they may not give food to him. Meanwhile we can "train" him in not accepting food which isn't approved by us, his parents. That is the hardest part! Because he is so crazy about food at this moment. 

Anyway, I am so happy with these buttons that I am considering a T shirt with such a message on it. It would be useful the first week he goes to school or when he goes on a school trip.

What do you use to inform people about the allergy of your child?

Have a nice evening

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