When a good idea turns bad

Hi there!

Remember last week? When I was so enthusiastic about the Easter baskets I would sew? 
Well it was a good idea, but it went wrong. Not completely, but still... So let me take you into my journey of making these Easter baskets and try to find the mistakes....

The first problem I had was the time pressure. Only the cutting of the fabric took more time than foreseen, which meant that I had only 2 evenings for sewing the 2 baskets. Or read 1 evening and 1 night... Because it ended up with me sewing till 3 o'clock in the morning. 

My second issue was my basic experience in sewing. I for example had to create the opening for the mouth and at a certain point I needed to turn the fabric so the 2 good sides were at the outside. I already did this several times, but now it just didn't work! 

I solved it by sewing the opening and the beak with a very small stitch (the one you would use for the opening for a button). And at one of the sides a small piece of interfacing was still visible, but I was so tired at that stage that I have left it like that. 

But in the morning I saw that everything ended up well. My 2 little boys didn't notice the imperfections and they have been running around with their baskets for the egg hunt. And even now, after Easter, they play with it. It's their storage for cars. 

When I see the face of my boys, I forget all the problems I had when sewing it and I think "Yes, I did it!"

Have a nice Easter holiday! 

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