Yummy, Organix!

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When I started my blog, I mentioned the allergies of my son. He has an egg allergy and a severe peanut allergy.

A lot of cookies for baby's contains eggs or when it didn't contain eggs there was a trace of peanut mentioned on the cover. A couple months after we discovered his allergy, we found the cookies of Organix goodies. (www.organix.com)

The company was founded in 1992 and their cookies have a "no junk promise". This means that they commit to never add anything unnecessary to the biscuits. I love the idea behind that!

And the fact that my son may eat a lot of their products (and he also likes their biscuits), you already now what I buy in the shop. At this moment the favorites of my son are carot fingers and the alphabet biscuits. 

Depending from the country you live in, there is more or less choice. But do try the rice cakes! Especially the rice cakes with apple flavor.

Okay, enough publicity for one day. If you have tried it, do not hesitate to give your thought on it. 

Have a nice evening and read ya the next time!

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